After a crazy end of the year and the release of our first gameplay video, we are very excited about the path that Archmagia is taking. We now aim to grow our supporting community and show Archmagia to the world. With this idea, we have created an Steam Greenlight Concept to show our work.

If you are a Steam user and you like what we are doing here, we invite you to visit it and rate us positively. You might even follow and favorite us!

Thank you very much, 2014 promise to be a great year for Archmagia.

The Many-Worlds team
It has been a while since our last update. Our aim a couple of months ago was to show some gameplay of Archmagia before the end of the year. Well, we finally did it. It was an enormous task, and a lot of efforts were invested, but we finally can show you some minutes of gameplay.

Today we bring you a really quick update. We just wanted to share with you the preliminary card design for Archmagia. Although we have introduced several innovative features in the traditional trading card games style, we still want to keep the cards as an important elements of Archmagia.

You will soon be able to see a preliminary user interface design with fully integration of all the elements we have been working at lately.

We hope you enjoy our designs! And remember to share your comments and thoughts!

General view

"Ancient Mines" environment
Last week, we showed up our preliminary work on our first environment: the Ancient Mines. After integrating it in Unity3D, we realized that it didn’t fit our needs, so we started over again with a new approach: a cleaner scenery with more space for the summons, and an interesting strategic component. We have been working on it for several weeks, and it is ready.


New ideas for Archmagia's developer diary

In the last few weeks, we have been very busy trying to get some advances in Archmagia. Since we are currently facing several projects, it has been a tremendous task. As a collateral effect, the post frequency at this blog has been dramatically decreased.

Taking all this into account, we have realized that it is more important to have you updated about how our game development is, rather than publish huge posts with lots of information. As a consequence of this, we will be publishing several short posts, where we will show you different interesting videos of our advances. They are pretty self-explicative, but if you have any doubts or questions about the development process, feel free to ask us about them in the comments!


Class description

Technomancers are the second class of powerful Archmages that can be found in Archmagia. They use Archmagia to create steam-powered devices, robotic creatures, nano-machinery, and other high-tech weapons and equipment.

Yesterday we published a new thread at the Unity forum, inside the Work in Progress section. This forum is very important at professional level, and it is a great place to show all the work being done with Unity.

Our plan is to keep posting on this development diary and also publish some fresh updates from time to time on this new thread. This updates will be related to Unity 3D and how we use it to develop Archmagia. Anyway, you are of course invited to go there, take a look at it and give us your opinion in a more professional environment.

By the way, a little secret: we have included in this thread some brand new material not shown here yet!

This is the link to the thread. Yo may go there too by clicking on the Unity logo. Please remember to share your opinion after reading it!


The Many-Worlds Team
"I hope that if I were to influence anyone it would influence people in the sense that you don’t have to draw the best or you don’t have to be the best to have a good time and if you’re lucky, make a living at what you enjoy doing."

Samwise Didier (Art Director at Blizzard Entertainment) 
This post will focus on briefly showing you the creation process for our first character. We will start from the concept (that we already shared with you in our previous post) and go right through to the final low poly model.

First of all, in this preview, you will see a small part of the sculpting process that we followed to create the character. Just as if we were molding the character out of clay, Rune Carver is gradually taking shape.


Class description

Rune Carver is one of the four available classes in Archmagia. As a member of this Archmage Guild, you will be able to carve runes that will channel the energy of the earth and transform it into powerful spells. 


What is Archmagia?

Archmagia is a videogame. Well, it will be. Right now, it is under development and we've decided to share the whole creative process with you: planning, preliminary concepts, drawings, modeling, animation... everything!

You might well ask, what is Archmagia about? Well, think of any trading card game you have ever played, or heard about – most of them are great! But, we still think they can be improved. How? Have you ever dreamed about having all of your creatures and spells as real 3D animated models, complete with great visual effects, but still keeping all the classic strategy and fun? You have? Well, that's Archmagia!